Learn to pronounce the street names.

Even before you're ready to learn Dutch, it's a real good idea to familiarize yourself with the phonetics of it. A great many Amsterdammers speak good English. But unfortunately there are no English words for 'Tweede Constantijn Huygensstraat' or 'Oudezijds Achterburgwal'. Dutch pronunciation — particularly the sounds of its various vowel-pairs — can come as quite a surprise to people who grew up with almost any other language. In fact it is not like German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish or Portuguese. And Dutch speakers can't predict how their place-names will be misspoken by every type of foreigner. So whether you're calling for a taxi, an ambulance, or a pizza, you do need to be able to say where you are. The same goes for telling people where you're going, where you'll meet them. This is just something you need to spend a few minutes to learn. It's not that hard. I even made a short film about it: Amsterdam place names — and how to say them.